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Carolina Craft Lemon Liqueur

Our Carolina Craft CITRUS SLAMMIN’ Lemon Liqueur offers a refreshing, crisp profile layered with sweet, bright citrus flavors. The complexity of the natural flavor is perfectly balanced with just enough bite for a clean, smooth finish. It is best served ice cold. Enjoy on the rocks, straight up, or a foundation for one of your own favorite craft cocktails. 
70 Proof.

Carolina Craft Amaretto Liqueur

Bring home the sweet taste of this much loved American favorite with Carolina Craft NUT CRACKIN’ Amaretto Liqueur It captures all the delicious flavors of almond and apricot kernels, adding a distinct flavor with subtle cherry overtones. Enjoy on the rocks, straight up or a foundation for one of your own great cocktails. It’s wonderfully delicious. 
70 Proof.

Carolina Craft Peach Liqueur

Carolina Craft FUZZ BUSTIN’ Peach Liqueur has a blend of sweet and tart flavor all rolled into one, with a great aroma of fresh peaches. The sweetness of the ripe peach flavor is due primarily to the ratio of sugar to alcohol while in the mixing and blending process. Enjoy on the rocks, straight up or as a foundation for one of your own great craft cocktails. 
70 Proof.

Carolina Craft Haymaker Premium Aged Whiskey

Our Haymaker Aged Premium Whiskey is distilled, blended then transferred into virgin white oak barrels for the aging process. Once aged to our perfection it is bottled straight from the barrel. The characteristics of our whiskey is a smooth sweet aroma of corn with just a rich caramel toasted oak highlight that resembles a fine bourbon. When you share a bottle of our Haymaker Whiskey you’re sipping on some of the finest whiskey produced in the United States. 
90 Proof.

Murto Made Carolina Vodka

Murto Made Carolina Vodka is made from a bourbon mash bill. It is then distilled 6 times and charcoal filtered to add an extra smooth finish. A well designed statuesque bottle and single field tractability add to this single estate vodka’s appeal. Murto Made Carolina Vodka is clean and mild flavored. It mixes beautifully with many craft cocktails is also suitable to drink chilled as well. 
80 Proof.

Murto Made Banana’s Foster Rum

Murto Made Bananas Foster Rum captures all the flavor of our favorite desert. Fresh bananas hit you at first then it finishes with a great toasted brown sugar flavor. Because Murto Made Banana Foster uses high quality banana flavor and is based on a rum distillate, it is extremely mixable and the only real choice for professional bartenders, especially those making tropical drinks. Banana is tremendously popular in frozen Daiquiris, Rum Runners, Banana Banshees and many more craft cocktails. 
70 Proof.
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THURSDAY: 5:00 p.m. to 11: p.m. cocktail lounge
FRIDAY: 5:00 p.m. to 11: p.m. cocktail lounge
SATURDAY: 5:00 p.m. to 11: p.m. cocktail lounge

*For distillery tours and special events call for an appointment.
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